The Eco Master Composter is a state of the art, simple and an eco friendly machine with a high productivity. This high tech machine provides a dual solution by eradicating the garbage menace and at the same time producing high quality compost fertilizer as an end product.

In comparison to the traditional methods of making compost which takes over 3 months, it is note worthy that the speciality of this machine is the ability to make compost within 3 to 4 hours by enhanced bacterial action which is termed as “accelerated composting”.

This unique machine being solely eco- friendly could provide a very effective solution against environmental pollution by producing high quality compost fertilizer out of menacing garbage, and there by prevents the usage of non organic fertilizers which could cause permanent damage to soil and life.

This will also prevent humans, animals and other living creatures from side effects such as respiratory diseases, skin disease, eye infections, impaired eye sight and cancers etc due to the long term use of non-organic fertilizers.

This ‘’user friendly’’ machine is durable internally and externally due to its quality and its solidly built structure.

It saves a large amount of time, energy and money.

It is easy to maintain.

Eco Master Composters are powered by ‘Sumitomo Motor


Since in natural world, it takes a lot of time to degrade organics, Eco Master composter is the best product to save time. And we think that leads to reduce natural world’s burden since our composter helps natural world and human share the same time together. Organic Residue Primary Fermentation Machine The main features of this machine are;

  • Amino acid extractor
  • Heavy crushers for hard bones etc,
  • Methane extractor
  • Catalyst for the expedited decomposition
  • High quality compost for the organic agriculture industry

Amino acid is used in various industries including food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The system has heavy crushers which can disintegrate bones and touch seeds. Most organic garbage crushers have very thin blades and would not process bones and hard seeds. However Eco Master system employs heavy blades and will crush all types of wastes.

With the use organic catalysts to expedite decomposition process of a higher yield of compost can be obtained in a short period of time. Compost is used in organic agricultural industries such as organic tea, vegetables and fruits.


  • Creates a better environment
  • Saves time and energy
  • Durability of the machine
  • Compost can be made efficiently
  • Provides self-employments
  • Easy to maintain & user friendly
  • Cost of disposing waste will be reduced by two third
  • Weather proof


  • Being a solely Eco-friendly solution for environment pollution
  • It prevents using non organic fertilizer on soil
  • Can yield Amino Acid which is essential for growth of plants
  • Encourage farmers to use organic fertilizer
  • Prevents farmers from the side effects due to long time use of non-organic fertilizer

Let us explain with the example of dispose of food scraps.

Since bacteria cannot eat food scraps such as vegetable and rice directly, they are decomposed by an enzyme of bacteria and changed into low-molecular compound, which is easy to eat. In the case of rice, they are decomposed to glucose sugar. Bacteria put this glucose sugar into their inside and change and/or decompose it into other different materials. In the middle of changing and decomposition, hydrogen (=hydrogen ion + electron) will be extracted. Hydrogen will be moved to respiratory chain, and hydrogen ion and electron will be carried individually, which produces energy. Finally, oxygen outside catches hydrogen ion and electron to make water. This is what we call oxygen breathing (aerobic respiration). In here, if we block oxygen out, hydrogen ion and electron lose room to go. Then, bacteria will pass hydrogen ion and electron to resolvent of glucose sugar noted above and gets them out of their body. This is ferment. Namely, since ferment is an anaerobic reaction, it is scientifically nonsense to distinguish between aerobically-fermented and anaerobically-fermented. In fact, the material after extracted hydrogen will be emitted and/or used to make a part of bacterial bodies. This is how carbon dioxide and water are made by breaking food scraps down. The way of reaction noted above is completely the same as the way we eat foods and get energy. However, we cannot ferment. We can take similar reaction to ferment in very short time, which we call exercise without oxygen. We breathe oxygen in and carbon dioxide out and this dioxide doesn’t come from oxygen we breathe in but foods we eat.

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