e at Maritime Lanka Ltd started our foreign employment business in 1981. We sent our first batch of employees to Sultanate of Oman. Later we expanded operations to Solomon’s Islands. Over the years we have earned a name as one of the most reliable and trustworthy recruitment agents in the island

We always ensure that we would be supplying the proper and most qualified workers who are up to the expectations of our principals. The selection procedure, adopted by our team, from advertising to interviewing, is a key factor to achieve this target along with the pre departure training program. Our training centre is registered with the ministry of vocational & tertiary education. We also make sure that we are catering only to very reliable foreign principals. Therefore we have won the confidence of both our employees and principals.

One of the our biggest achievements was the training program held under JITCO, Japan which was launched in 2008 with collaboration of our principal Toyo- Construction Machinery Corp, Tokyo. This was the most successful JITCO training program undertaken by a local recruitment agent so far. This program is inclusive of a 04 months Japanese language and orientation course conducted at our training centre prior to their departure to Japan. The trainees who were sent to Japan had excelled in their work and the accepting company in Japan was highly impressed. The trainees had achieved their objective of the program and returned to the island having gained better technical qualifications after the stipulated period without causing any problem. This helped clear Sri Lanka’s name as a good recruitment source to Japan which was tarnished earlier by some Sri Lankans who had tried to overstay in Japan illegally. Therefore Maritime Lanka and our recruits to Japan have reopened the path for fellow young Sri Lankans to travel to Japan and gain valuable training and exposure.