Maritime Lanka has gained a good reputation in catering to naval ships calling at Colombo, Trincomalee & Galle harbors for nearly three decades. Having acted as a husbanding agent for those vessels, which belongs mainly to US, French & British Navies, we have an unblemished track record in servicing them.

Servicing a naval vessel is a challenge in terms of diversity of requirements. It ranges from services of transportation, facilities for recreation inclusive of tour excursions to provide assistance in organizing official functions. The successful implementation of these events requires high degree of coordination and teamwork. Our impressive track record bear witness not only to average naval vessels but also to aircraft carriers, which had about 4000 crewmembers on board.

We also offer following services;

  • Provision of bunkers
  • Efficient ship chandlery service
  • Laundry services
  • Garbage collection
  • General cleaning
  • Salvage assistance
  • Off shore repairs
  • Recruitment of ship crew including masters, officers & engineers
  • Ship crew transfers
  • Surveying of vessels
  • Registration of vessels

We are currently in the process of restructuring the shipping division and planing to cooperate with New investor to move forward and expand the division.